Head sire rattan

Just the day before the Independence Day. After leaving the classroom teacher, everyone started screaming and started chattering. All of them were silent after the sound of the house of the cane in front of the blackboard in front of the blackboard.

In the cane house, the thick crumbs of dust and the dust of the dust started flying like smoke. The foam rolled up a bit, and spread on the concrete floor. Hades joined the class. Hoods raised a leopard stomach designed in his hand, and said, ‘Toura should be present at the school grounds of Kiki’s afternoon.’

As we have always said, ‘yes sir’ Then at the ‘Chaushas Mukul Sangha Primary School’ class I could read. Most of our schools used to speak Kushtia’s regional language more than Siri. We were used to talking in the regional language of Kushtia.

Our Hadeser’s name was Muhammad Abubakar. He was a man angry and angry. The head of the head and mouth of the raw-rigged face. There were too many hair in the ears of Hadeser’s ears. Suddenly, the hair of Sir’s ears could be seen fairly. There are some people whose appearance is very soft, but inside are very angry Again, there is a lot of opposite.

Maybe the person is angry with the look but the ice is cold like inside. But Hades was also angry at the look of his face again. The funny thing is that I never saw him without a cane. Suddenly, in the market of liquids, I saw him lying in a lungi. Instead of rattan in hand, there was a khaki cloth market pouch. As soon as I saw him, I used to watch the ghost as he sat on the chips. In our childhood it was our very common case. Now as the thieves and goats were watching the police on the way, the situation was exactly the same.

When I saw the school sir, I used to hide in the street. Or would you present yourself as the most gentleman of the world. After bowing down before the salam, he would add sir to the length of the salam and he would throw the salam ‘saralamu alaiyakum sir!’ We had to take part in the sarad’s part before us. Sometimes, half of the salam was refunded as ‘Walayakum’ or nothing was returned if mood was off. He used to turn his head around his neck as ‘HUM’.

On that day, the Hoods dealer was negotiating with the price of potato or some other. On that day, the courage of Dakariwala gave courage. How are you screaming with sir! Great courage! Sir! Had to go back to the cane house, then what could be the thing about the hoods! Bahas was not far away, when he saw him, he would run away from the potato!

That day saw Hadeser very helplessly. A thunderous roar of a man is scared of the little screech! I was so accustomed to see him in the hand at the school that he thought that Sir was holding the cane with his hand. Go to sleep with a cane in hand. The cane is eaten, eat, and toilets all.

I was really surprised to see him without a cane in the day’s shop. Hadser always used to wear a silver color chain thick. On the day when he opened the clock from the classroom, I realized that day and night are going to be there. Opening the watch means that today he is in aggressive mode. If there was a slight flaw, then it would have been choked with a sapong. However, the next day he left all of us in the school field and went to the next class. He broke the silence of the next class and hit his aggressive whisper.

There was no freedom or victory memorial in our primary school. However, the boundary wall of the school was made short by the Shaheed Minar. Although it was the Shaheed Minar. Yet, on the Victory Day or Independence Day, there was a tribute to the martyrs in the war of independence every year by the flowers. I was in Kushtia District Stadium from morning on 26 March. On a sunny day, I saw the parade of Independence Day at the gallery and tied it in the hot summer. After finishing the cultural programs of different schools, I returned home after being tired of summer.

At home, it was late to take a bath, eat, and reach the school ground in the evening. By then, the students stood by the line. After entering the back gate, I secretly scanned the location of boys and girls of my class. Meanwhile, I did not understand that I had caught Hadeser’s detector. Still did not find the line of our classes. Gently proceeding.

Suddenly, the man pulled his hair with his hand. I was shocked Till the hair pulling back from the back, he began to pull his teeth and said, “You were in the meantime?” The teeth whitening Handsure. In this way, when he washed it, he respected you and said ‘You’. I have already spotted it. Today my standard-bowl bowl will be turned into chicks.

The children screaming around are screaming and screaming I’m frozen like a deer deer under the tiger’s thighs. And sometimes he is trying to free himself by giving false reasons to him. I was just five minutes late. Meanwhile, he probably did betray. Do not move my hair until it is torn. Anyway, the fate was auspicious. He quickly grabbed his hand and kneeled his head over his head and ordered, “Which line of class five goes to Okayon”.

The hair is still burning in my eyes. Due to the increased density of the eyes, everything is visible blurred. Two eyes stood with two palms and two eyes stood on the line. Auctioned a look at Sir’s eye. He