Exposing authors’ books: Expatriate reader’s opinion

I used to write two things about two recently read books. What does ‘book criticism’ mean? I have heard that those who write ‘book criticism’ put more scholarship than book writers. My knowledge about literature is very limited. Therefore it is advisable to ‘read the opinion of the reader’ rather than boldly criticize ‘book’.

Doctor Ashraf Ahmad, seen in the city of Potomac, Maryland, USA A reputable scientist as well as writing. He gave me two books as a gift. When traveling from America to China, from Baltimore to Atlanta to Shanghai, from there it took 60 hours for my journey to reach Luzhou and the stopover. These books have worked as a friend of mine for a long time.

The first book I started with was ‘Hridoy Bidark’. This is not a story or a novel or a collection of essays. It’s not like autobiography, autobiography, too. The author here describes the experience of a heart attack surgery (open heart surgery), from the beginning of the diagnosis to the end of the treatment. The writings are well-lit, linguistic and elegant.

The point of my writing that surprised me was that he gave a great deal of discussion about the sad things of the disease, death, etc. As it is, it can be continued as ‘romance’ also. During the illness and treatment, the doctor has described the details of the exchange of patient and psychological behavior with the doctors, nurses, or friends, relatives and family members of the family.

Here are some beautiful descriptions of the reasons for cardiovascular disease and the need for living or eating habits to stay away from it. In addition, the details of modern medical science of cardiovascular disease are also discussed. However, it is understandable that the experience of the author has been experienced in the world’s first-of-a-kind hospital.

A heart attack in Bangladesh can be frustrating to match your experience with it. To read the book, the author’s life philosophy became very clear. The author writes, “Death is better than a patient of heart attack and I am most desperate, lying on the bed, taking a lot of medicines, suffering from physical and mental problems, and suffering from a heart attack in the absence of others. Arrangement. ” I think that almost all people of the age-old age are now thinking this way. This can be a bit of a boast towards the busy busy society of modern times. Although no death is ‘easy’, a self-righteous person may not want to be relieved of others, not dependent on others.

‘Heartbreaking’ was first published in 2017 from the next publication. Anyone can collect and read. I think, any of the mature people who love to read, their book will look good. The book will also love those who think about death. Science (especially biomedical science or medical science) can be ‘heartbreaking’ for the students.

Finally want to mention another love topic. The book has been dedicated to “Engaging in Great Nursing Profession in All Countries of the World”. I also respect all the nurses, doctors, and great scientists from the world who are always engaged in human habitation. Best wishes for the book ‘Heartbreaking’

The second book is “Jalparee and Jivan Prava”. Although the name sounds heavy romantic, it is actually a science book. The author of the science education and research of his life describes the subject here in a beautiful flamboyant language. I think the book will be very good for those who think of science or science. But if there is no interest in science, then this book will be a little bit of a chatter for the reader.

A total of 13 chapters or stories have been arranged. This book is also published in the forthcoming publication, 2014.The author started with his science-educators, especially in the sixties and the seventies of the last century, some of the famous biologists of the country. There is a story about being a world-famous scientist from a friend of Mario Capoechi.

I met this great scientist at a seminar in Macao in 2016 and I was fortunate to have a cup of coffee in his hand at the seminar’s coffee break. Talking about his own love, the author has told stories about the discovery of a three-dimensional structure of Triptophan synthesis. The book also contains more from the beginning of Bio-Luminissance. Explaining the explanation of the author, ‘jebafish’ and our domestic ‘Darakhina’ fish, the scientific explanation of the ‘Sea of ​​Milk’ described in ancient Indian tales.

In very simple words, in our stories, death or death of our body cells, and mitochondria relationship with them
I think that the author has written a great deal about infinite issues like science in a very small way. At the same time, it also reminds, “Knowledge and science are not realities.” Progress of knowledge and science leads to progress of definition of ‘truth’.