Cherry Blossom Festival

Springtime is the time of the winter of winter, after the winter. Small and medium-sized zombies are very beautiful when the flowers are swollen. This festival is a flower blister!

Recently I went to attend a conference in the United States. Pottomama, a small town in the state of Maryland, had been staying for a while, at the residence of Doctor Hasina Akter, a teacher of the university’s life. One afternoon he took the Washington DC Cherry Fotara Festival. Potomac is a very nice place.

On the other side of the roads passing through the houses, such as the decorated pictures of calm-quiet areas, rows of cherry trees are floral in the beginning of April. Beautiful view I see everyone is going to Washington DC to see the cherry blister! Traffic jam was stuck in the heart of interested visitors from a distance of the main city. I realized that this is not just a cherry flower, it is a special festival. They are called ‘Cherry Blossom’ in English.

However, cherry festival is the most popular in Japan. They say ‘Sakura’. I heard many stories of Sakura from my Japanese-expatriate friends. There it is like a national festival. In China, there are various places where cherry blooms. Waiting for people with passenger or tired depressed people waiting on the two sides of the road or in the other cherry trees with beautiful daisy. In Chinese, cherry means ‘egghouse’. Cherie Photara festival is also celebrated in many countries of Korea, Australia-New Zealand, Iran and Europe. Usually two types of cherries are seen. White and pink However, there are many things in Cherie’s ‘Species’.

I got a lot of other achievements at the Cherifer Festival in Washington DC. After a decade and a half, I met old friend Shahin. When my two friends were walking with me in the garden of Cherry, my friend’s colleagues were singing back and forth.

“What is the old word that has been forgotten?

He is seen in the eyes, life, what he is forgotten.

Income and income once in a lifetime earns income. ”

I said, “Wow, you sing a lot!”

His answer was, “I used to love for two friends”.
When I see charious flowers in the streets of China or in the park, I remember Bangladesh’s words. The big black pebbles or shimul trees make them beautiful red in color. Or the marshy kadam tree of the rainy season. What a beautiful scene! I think, like Chinese-Japanese, we do not have such flowers. Otherwise why blacksmith, shimul or kadam blossom do not affect our population?

Thailand’s Golden Toilet
Visitors can not guess at seeing the Golden Room, it is a toilet. When it is known that it is toilet, then the cellular lifting goes along with it.

To get such a ‘Golden Toilet’ you need to go to the Chiangrai town of Northern Thailand. We are all fairly familiar with this city. Last year, the eyes of the world media were in the city. The Thai teenage footballer’s house in the Cave is home to the Chiangrai province. Then the name of the province came to the media thousands of times.

Last year I went there to visit. Went to see the white and blue temple. The white and blue temple is the main tourist attraction of the city. A lot of foreign tourists came to see this two Buddhist temples in this town. The Thai-Myanmar Border crosses only a few hours from here.

As Myanmar is our neighboring country, I can understand that the place is not too far from Bangladesh. One of the most famous tourist attractions of the famous ‘Golden Triangle’, known as the ‘Golden Triangle’, is also one of the tourist attractions of Chiang Mai Province, where Thai-Myanmar and the Laus Border meet. She is a long story If you get time, I will say it again.

A few kilometers away from the city, I got off the bus from the border. Five-minute walk from there is the white temple. The blue temple is nearing it. I got very early in the morning. The crowd did not even grow. As soon as I grew up, I saw the crowd of Chinese tourists.

Before seeing the Golden Temple beside the white temple, it was a golden temple, I forgot my mind. Because of the golden house that is found in Thailand itself. Naturally, it was not necessary that the Golden toilets would not have been known. I missed it a little. The picture is a toilet of the whole of the room. Women in the middle part of the toilet.And male toilets on both sides. Entering from one side can come out on the other side.

A question arose in mind, how well was the logic of building such a golden toilet beside the white temple? It may well be the authorities here. Interestingly, after learning about the toilet, the tourism took more pictures of the tourists than the temple and saw the selfie. I saw that people are more attracted to Golden than Sada.

Actually, I do not think the importance of toilet in our life will need to be written here. Reading the story of Gopal Joker, its importance will be found. Last year, on the way to Thailand, I saw the Indian movie ‘Toilet’ on the Chinese plane in the sky. It was a great movie. Everyone should have a toilet in the home of the house.

I have another short story about the toilet, so if I do not have another time! When we go to the market or to the big shopping mall, we can see that there is a separate toilet for men and women. Special toilets are also seen for disabled people. However, this is the first time I saw a completely separate toilet for children in Thailand’s one of the shoppers. It was nice to me.

Since child toilet so what to admit!I wonder if I go inside. Lego-made children’s chairs-tables have been kept inside. Lego made toys accessories have been kept. The children can play the toys by watching the pictures of different cartoons. Really nice, is not it? Today’s childhood is the future of the future, but in spite of the child development, how much opportunity we can give them? Truly, Thai-Ray is far ahead of us.