Happy Country of Denmark

‘What happiness do you want to know,’ – Runa Laila, who did not listen to this song, said? I was less interested in learning about ‘happiness’ from that childhood. So, traveling around the country of happiness, I saw happy country and people of the country!

Although happiness is a relative affair, but many criteria will enable you to tell the country of Denmark a happy country. So, year after year, we see on the pages of the magazine that Denmark is the first country in the first ten happy countries.

Denmark is a country in Scandinavia where many islands are located. Clean Copenhagen, the capital of the country About 60 million people live in this country. Sweden is very close to here.

If you plan a little bit in Europe, you can easily travel to different countries. There are some bus services that are taken every year to visit different countries for a small amount of money. You can find similar services by searching online. Those agencies will arrange for you to eat, stay and travel.

Leave 2-3 buses together This is a lot easier and comfortable to travel. Most importantly, it can be wandered freely and can be wandered for a long time. So, I got three countries through them. Originally from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, most of the tourists visit this service. I saw the guide as an Indian.

Denmark has many harbors or harbors. The rows are small boats, the ships are standing on the water. Besides, the houses are painted oddly colorful. You will walk along the road and see the colors of different colors. The colors of those houses are floating along the waves of the island’s water again, which seems extraordinary. And sitting beside the island is different from Danish food. A lot of cuisine is available. I ate lunch with snails, chicken, sea fish, potato and salad.

Do not go to the palace of Copenhagen? Amalinburgh Palace, where almost all tourists can visit. When Royal or King’s Guards change their duty time, it becomes a matter of sight. Suppose, parade, they take responsibility for the strange spell. People look at all these lines. It’s not just in Copenhagen, but in other European countries like Belgium, Luxembourg. As always, take a picture with the guards.

Little Marmaid is a 100-year-old popular sculpture made by the bronchas. A woman sitting on a rock, who is in love with a prince! I went to see the water taxi from the main terrain. It is difficult to believe that seeing people who come here and making pictures is not difficult. Little Marmaid remembered memories and forgotten? I have known Denmark for so many days.

There is a wonderful bridge, which goes from Copenhagen to Sweden. It is a long 8 kilometer bridge. On one side of the sea, on the other side, the sea floor will leave the country and in another country. This experience is amazing.

People in Denmark love to ride bicycles. So bicycle rush everywhere in the city That’s why people in this country live a healthy life.Danish Opera House is one of the world’s renowned buildings. This opera house is 41 thousand square meters. Sitting capacity is around 1800. The water around and the middle of the Opera House. It seems extraordinary at night.

The world’s ‘The Royal Library’ is in Copenhagen There are many old and historical documents in this library and collections of works printed in Denmark from the 17th Century.

The Copenhagen Zoo is one of Europe’s oldest zoos. It was first introduced in 1859. There are about 3,000 animals here. ‘The National Park’ can also be seen to enjoy all the wonderful scenes, sea air touches.The Maritime Museum can come out. In this museum deep in the soil, you can see the history of Danish Maritime.
Happy happiness in everything in the country of happiness. With pure oxygen also matches.