Eid amaz in Portugal, the expatriates’ preparations are going on

Eid Amaj is also living abroad as well as abroad. Bangladeshi expatriates living in Lisbon, Portugal
The last-minute shopping is being done by sending money from relatives to the country to Eid. Besides, various travel agencies are also increasing the pressure of the expatriate Bangladeshi nationals buying tickets.

A number of business travelers from Lisbon, a number of business travelers in Lisbon, said that special offers including special offers, including Emirates and Emirates, are going on in the wake of the Eid, which has resulted in the increase in their ticket sales, as well as the people living in the comfort of comfort.

 Eid in exile, joy in the day of happiness, so that the pressure in the chest and cross in sigh. There are no semis or bread made by their relatives, but Eid is Eid. Eid for the unhappiness of pain, but many people forget about the preparation of the Eid. So, in the super market of Bangladeshi owners, there is an increasing crowd of expatriate Bangladeshis ahead of Eid.

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan and in the city of Lisbon, the heart of the Bangladeshi people, in the heart of the city of Benazormo, in the heart of the city of Muneet Muni Muni, thousands of people are present every day. Suddenly it seems like a small Bangladesh. Organized Bangladeshis find their own center wherever they are abroad. The heart of the Bangladeshi people here is Mertum-Muni.

Expatriate Bangladeshis have seen crowds in shopping malls not only for food preparation, but also to buy cosmetics and new clothes. Many people have seen shopping in different clothing shops owned by Indian citizens, because there is no 100% native clothes shop owned by Bangladeshis in Lisbon, the capital of Lisbon. Many people said Eid’s experience of preparing and exiting Eid on Eid. Not only the buyers are busy working in Busan but also Bangladeshi businessmen staying in Lisbon.

Expatriate Bangladeshis have also been seen in various Money Transfer Centers to meet their wishes. Many foreign cosmetic materials are being sent to couriers for relatives in the country.
Many expatriate Bangladeshi people said that Eid-ul-Fitr is a different feeling of Eid. The arrangement of the Eid is not available here as far as the event is organized. However, with the help of time, the people of the country are growing and on the eid day, Eid goes back to each other’s home. Still remains regret

 According to the embassy’s information, the number of expatriate Bangladeshis living in different parts of Portugal, including Lisbon, more than 15 thousand. As the process of legalization is easy, the number of expatriate Bangladeshis increasing in Portugal, as well as many Bangladeshi families increasing. So, together with the extraordinary celebration of Eid festival,

Preparations for the Phobana conference in New York
The organization has organized the ’33rd Phobana Conference ‘organized in New York, USA.It was held at the residence of convener of the Phobana convenor committee in Jamaica in New York on Saturday night, at Nargis Ahmed’s house.

Faridah Yasmin, General Secretary of the National Press Club visiting the USA, Executive Secretary of Phobana Central Committee, Zakaria Chowdhury, Member Secretary of Phobana Organizing Committee Abir Alamgir, Chief Coordinator Jahir Mahmud, Senior Vice President John Fahim, Chairman of Registration Committee Palash Piplu and Cultural Chairman Kanta Alamgir, organizing organization ‘Drama Circle’ Members.

At this time, Farida Yasmin was invited by Drama Sarakal to come as a special guest in Phoban.
Farida Yasmin, the invitation to the invitation, said, “My cooperation and involvement in any activities in the development of Bangla language and culture will always be there for the emigration.”

The organizers said that the meeting discussed openly about the latest state of contact with Bangladeshi organizations in the United States and Canada. In addition to a number of events, this year will also be rewarded for the students of students abroad.

The arrival of the 33rd Fobana Convention at the Nassau Colossium Auditorium in Long Island, New York, is to be held from September 30 to September 1, ‘Labor Day Weekend’.

USTC agreement with PPLNetek in the United States
An agreement for exchange of education between the University of Science and Technology (USTC) in Chittagong has been signed with Banglalink, a Bangladeshi commercial organization ‘PeopleTekek’, which provides information and technology services in the United States.

The slogan of this event at the Pipelentech campus in Long Island, New York, on the local time evening, was “It has become possible to win the battle of life if it becomes efficient”.Abu Hanip, Founder and CEO of Pipeltech, said, “According to this agreement, fourth year students of USTC will be able to finish special caliculum for jobs in the IT sector. As a result, they will be eligible for mid-level jobs in any IT sector sector.

The curriculum will be provided free of charge from PPLNET.There are several other educational institutes in Bangladesh including ULBs in the process of similar agreement with PPLNetek. When this process is completed, he said, the students of students of national and internationally renowned IT companies will be able to get higher paid jobs.

Syndicate member of USTC and professor of Computer Science and Engineering Department of Chittagong University, Shahadat Hossain said, there is no substitute for the students to become efficient in this age of information technology. And if the curriculum is properly understood, students will be eligible for jobs at any part of the world. USTC wants to utilize that opportunity.

Shahadat mentioned that the USTC, established by the National Professor Nurul Islam, is the first private university in Bangladesh and the first US-based Peoplenette is the first to sign such a timely curriculum.
Abu Hanip said, “We have campus in the granorda of Dhaka. Apart from expansion as there is no space in place, new campuses are being made in Dhanmondi. And thus, the PPNetak service Bangladeshis are also able to take. ”

In addition to Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, Pipelentech campus is available in India and Bangladesh. Every month many students get high-paying jobs in the US IT sector after completing a specific course. Alongside Bangladeshi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani are also taking regular courses.

Recently, Pipelentech has announced a scholarship in the name of Foreign Minister Momen. Hundreds of men and women will get scholarships, ie $ 4,000 worth of courses for free. Besides this, a permanent scholarship program has been announced for the children of freedom fighters living in the United States. Although it has been a commercial enterprise, Pulletek has completed numerous such activities in the last one and a half decades.

Among others, Pipeltech director Syed Hasan, administrative officer Moniruzzaman Milon and manager Said Alam Sumon were present during the signing ceremony.