Three women going to London riding a bike!

The new feathers are adding to the success of women as time goes on. Numerous women’s names are added every day. Three more brave women are now known.It is known that three women will travel to London via 25 countries from India to Varanasi. The ‘biking quinns’ group has made that plan.

Sarka Mehta is led by these three women’s teams, who are led by her. Although he is a psychologist in the
profession, his hobbled hikers and bikes roamed around. The other two women in this group are Zinel Saha and Rutali Saha.

To reach London, they will have to travel to 25 countries on these three continents in Asia, Europe and Africa. These include Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Morocco.

Three members of the biking queen will use KTM 390 bikes on this tour. Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Varanasi will flag off the trip on June 5.

Finally, after 7 years, the rapist of the girl was hacked to death
Seven years ago, a 15-year-old dumb teenager was raped. In this incident, the teenager chose to pursue suicide. But do not forget to take revenge on her daughter The victim raped the girl in public on Wednesday and raped her.
This incident happened at Vepapampatti Road in Chinamanmaru in Theni district of Tamil Nadu, India. The deceased was identified as Rathinawal Pandia (40). He was a resident of Silaimapati near Chinamanamur.

Police said Rathnaval used to work in a coconut garden in Veppampatti. The girl was arrested on Wednesday by the girl’s father Kochadaiyan.After the investigation, a daily in India said that Rathnaval, who was in the custody of the victim, was staying in the neighborhood. He has two children. Rape the girl with the opportunity to get acquainted.

Pandya and Kochadaiyan have often had quarrels since the rape incident. Finally, on Tuesday, the girl was raped by Kokadian, who raped the girl’s rapist Pandya on one occasion.

Seven tourists killed after boat sank, still missing 19

Seven tourists were killed in a boat sinking in Hungary’s capital Budapest. At least 19 people are missing.
The country’s state-run media, MTI News Agency, said it was submerged by another big boat when anchoring the boat in Budapest’s Danube river at around 10pm local time.

There were 33 tourists on the sinking boat, mostly South Korean citizens. –
The name of the victim’s boat is ‘Hablayani’, the official said. The two-wheelest boat is capable of transporting the least of the 45 passengers and it was essentially used for touring tourists.

South Korean authorities confirmed the disappearance of 19 people. In a statement, they said they are planning to send a delegation to Hungary about the accident.

Rescue operations began on Wednesday after the boat sinking incident. Rescue boat, diving squad, spotlight and radar-run rescue operations are still on, officials said.

In the stomach, 246 packets of cocaine, passenger death on the plane
A passenger died on the plane while smuggling 246 packets of cocaine in the stomach. He was flying to Mexico City from Tokyo City to Tokyo, Tokyo.

The identity of the deceased passenger was found. His name is Udo and he is a citizen of Japan. The 42-year-old Oomo first arrived in the Mexican capital of Mexico City on a plane from Bogota, Colombia’s capital. Then, from another plane there, he started journey to Tokyo’s Narita airport, according to a statement from the prosecutor’s office in the Sonora State of Mexico. –

It was said in the statement that immediately after the plane was flying, a Japanese passenger got sick and he repeatedly requested pilots to make an emergency landing.

After the emergency landing, doctors came to see him and he was dead. After this incident, his body came out on postmortem, the real mystery of his sudden death.

In postmortem, he was killed by the influence of excessive drugs. The most surprising thing is that in her stomach, doctors find 246 packets of cocaine.

The drug smuggling incident in the stomach often happens in the case of international drug trafficking. Earlier, in 2016, more than one kilogram of cocaine was recovered from the stomach of a Australian passenger at the Sydney airport.

Qur’anic obligation to all school schools in India
India’s Minister of Women and Children Affairs MENAKA Gandhi Hindustan TimesIndia’s Minister of Women and Children Affairs MENAKA Gandhi Hindustan Times

In the schools of India, at least two days a week, six religious texts, including the Holy Qur’an, are proposed to be included as textbooks, the Minister of Women and Children Affairs Minister MENAKA Gandhi.
On Monday, he presented the matter to the Central Advisory Board of Education Ministry. News Hindustan Times

The Minister of Central Women and Children Affairs said, there is now a lot of tension in religion. One of the reasons is that children do not know enough about other religions, that is why a blind hatred works. For this reason, Meneka Gandhi offered a religious education in childhood.

He said that if the teachings of main religions like Hindu, Jainism, Buddhist, Sikh and Islam are taught in the childhood, they will be able to merit the students.

Maneka said, while studying at school we had taught moral knowledge, but now it is not taught anymore. How many of us have read our own scriptures? I read the Qur’an. How many of us know that the Prophet Mohammed was anti-war?

In schools of India, while reading religious books of Islam and other religions, he said that violence will be reduced considerably.Meneka Gandhi urged the Human Resource Development Ministry to take classes in schools for at least two days a week for the sacred texts of six religions.