The President did not become homosexual because of beauty

Philippine President Rodrigo Dutte likes to be repeatedly heading news. The President of Japan, who has been titled this year, has been heading the old ‘kiss’ issue. At a ceremony in the country, some women kissed on the stage and kissed. Interestingly, at that time, his wife was next to the stage. News-CNN

CNN reported in a report that on the last 28th May to visit the trade summit, Japan went to Japan. In a ceremony held on Thursday in Tokyo, 74-year-old Dutter kissed five Filipino women in front of his wife.

On the occasion of Dutter’s Japan visit, Filipinos in Tokyo hosted the event. After the end of the ceremony, Duttee asked the ‘Volunteer Beautiful’ women in her neighborhood to finish her ceremony by kissing her.
When the five women came out of the stage after kissing Duttera, she said to everyone, and no one wants to kiss her. But no one responded to this call.

Shortly after this incident, Philippine senator Antonio Trillance called Duttera as a homosexual. According to Dwente, he came back from the way of being gay.Dutte said that his motivation came from women. He said that women had helped him in getting ‘healing’.

Trump told about Boris’s support
US President Donald Trump has supported the country’s former Foreign Minister and Prime Ministerial candidate Boris Johnson as the next Prime Minister.

Trump said in an interview given to the British press The Sun before touring the upcoming United Kingdom, he think Boris Johnson would do very well as Britain’s Prime Minister. He is very talented. Apart from this, he will be an excellent choice as the new head of the British Conservative Party.

Tamp said about other candidates, others also sought support from him. He can help anyone. He supports all.Trump made this comment when British Home Minister Sajid Javed took part in the race to become the new Prime Minister. He said he was ready to leave the European Union (EU), despite the unconditional breaks

Daddy’s sex with the right sister, so …
In the United States of Nebraska, the father married his daughter. Traditionally, the family was 40 years old, Travies Fieldgrove and Samantha Korsner, 21, But the state law did not consent to their relationship. A court in the state has given two years imprisonment to Father Travies Fieldgrove. Samantha Kershner is also in charge of having sex with her father.

Samantha told the police that he did this because he was more than just talking to his father from the noble sisters. When he came to know that his noble sister first engaged in sex with his father, he became envious about the matter. After that he became interested in having sex with his father.

Samantha’s mother complained to police in September last year.Police said they were married in October, They have love and sexual relations. Both of them know very well that they are biologically parents.

Before the verdict was pronounced on Thursday, the lawyer of Travie said that Trafis suffers from a brain injury. He is totally embarrassed about the issue. The defendant also assured that such incidents would not happen in the future.

However, the judge declared that the person is a person who has no contribution.Prosecution lawyer said that for a long time, drug abuse has been taking place. Have been drinking from the beginning of 2010 Then he came in contact with the girl.

Samantha claims that the first time in September last year, about the physical body. Then get married. They demanded that they were so close that they could not understand when the relationship between the father and the daughter took shape.

Bomb explosion factory explosion, 38 injured
A major explosion occurred in a factory in Russia’s Zarzynsk region. 38 people were injured in this. Besides, two more are missing. The Russian news agency Interfax and RIA said on Saturday.Djerzhynsk deputy governor Dmitry Krasnyov said, till now we have received two missing information. Interfax, according to a source, said at least 38 people were injured in the blast.

According to the source, high explosive bombs were produced and stored in the factory. The building of the JSC Crystal Research Institute was completely destroyed.

A factory official said five people were trapped inside the building during the blast. But they were safely brought out. On the other hand, the fire service officials of the country said they still do not know whether there is anyone trapped inside.

A state of emergency has been issued in neighboring Zarzynsk city. The Russian investigating committee has started an investigation against the factory authorities for violating safety rules.

Governor Dmitry Krasnyov said the explosion was so terrible that the doors of the building, window glass had been knocked down three kilometers away. A part of the city has suffered serious damage to the blast.

He also reached the food of the hungry while being disabled
There is a problem walking on your foot. Still the job can not stop. Ramu Sahu, delivery executive of Zomota, an online food supply platform, delivering food to the hungry stomach in the hand of the handicapped people in the hands of the stomach.

Recently, Ramu was given an electric car as a gift from the Jomato authorities. The company’s officials think Ramu’s work will be much easier.Ramu Sahur of Beawar in Rajasthan, the incident spread to social media. He traveled around the town of Tricycles, hand-picked to deliver food lost to physical impediment. The video of this trip is viral enough to be online.

On Tuesday, Jumma’s founder and CEO Dipinder Gowal announced that the company is offering an electric car to facilitate Ramu Sahu’s job.Dipindar shared the picture of Ramu in the new car in this new car, our delivery partner Ramu Sahu received the gift of electric cars. He shared a video of Ramu Sahu on his new journey in this new car.

Ramu’s work is widely appreciated by his will and emotional people. The trickle home has received millions of people’s love for home-made videos.