Learn about the World Cup 11 stadium

England and Wales ready to play the World Cup trumpet The 11 venues of the 22-yard war will be ready. The Cricket World Cup will return to its birthplace and there will be additional facilities in the venues.

Cricket has returned to its birthplace Twenty years later, the World Cup will be held in the country of the three-lion. The English have no shortage of madness to get mega events. The World Cup is being held in 11 venues in England and Wales.

England-O Africa will start with the World Cup tour June 2 Here’s the opening match of the World Cup against Africa. The Oval Stadium started in 1845. The five World Cup matches will be held at this historic venue. Out of which, Bangladesh has 2 matches.

England’s 2nd oldest stadium Old Trafford Six matches will be held here with the semi-finals. Visitors will be able to enjoy India-Pakistan big matches at the stadium. Lords of the famous cricket stadium, the Stadium Lords. MCCO, the oldest sports museum in the world, is located here. This will be the final of the World Cup including the Bangladesh-Pakistan match.

Headingley Stadium in Leeds, England. This is the homegrown of Yorkshire County Cricket Club. There will be 4 matches in the World Cup. The Hampshire Bowl is the newest venue in the World Cup. The 2001 World Cup will be held at the stadium in the 5 matches of the World Cup. Including the Bangladesh-Afghanistan match.

The Egbaston stadium located in Birmingham is surrounded by gourds. 5 matches to be played here including Bangladesh-India match There is a middle semifinal match between them. Bristol County Ground Stadium has the lowest capacity to hold visitors. Three matches will be held in 11 thousand spectators at the stadium The Bangladesh-Sri Lanka match will be played here. The four matches will be played at the Lucky Venue Cardiff Stadium in Bangladesh. Tigers will face England in the two World Cup defeats here.

County Ground will be held in Tottenton, this year’s World Cup 3 matches. There are also Bangladesh-Windies cricket matches. The delightful stadium River Side Durham at Chesterty. There will be 3 matches of the World Cup. Five World Cup matches will be played at the Trent Bridge Stadium. Bangladesh will be facing the present world champion Australia in this ground.

Chinese women go to Hong Kong to know gender
Every year thousands of Chinese women send blood to Hong Kong to know the sexes of the womb. Now China has to rely on Hong Kong because it is banned in China for sex determination.

To provide this service to Chinese women, there are several cycles of social communication. They are collecting blood from pregnant women and testing them from Hong Kong.

Wednesday (May 22th) International media news agency AFP reported that Chinese women have been interested in child-bearing and large number of young people for breaking small children.

Currently, there are 100 children born to every 115 children in the country.
Because gender tests are banned, the undergraduate network is very efficiently in exchange for money in the examination from the neighboring countries.

The movement in London demanding the formation of the Constituent Assembly to combat climate change
The coastal countries like Bangladesh are at the highest risk due to climate change. Environmental movement is going on in 80 cities in 33 countries around the world to make policy-makers aware of this loss. Already, hundreds of environmentalists were arrested from London protests. Demonstrators have threatened to overturn the United Kingdom if the claims are not met. Protesters

Sometimes banners, festoons, placards slogan and sometimes dancing and protesting .. Environmentalists are protesting in 80 cities in 33 countries to show the harmful effects of climate change. The movement is going on in several cities including London in the UK.

The main demand of the protesters to create a mass assembly by observing carbon emission reduction level by 2025, as well as to monitor the progress of steps to combat climate change.

They said, we are in serious risk due to climate change. Earth, environment, animal-biodiversity at the same risk. People from all over the UK are gathering in London. Hopefully there will be something different.

Another said, the world is being destroyed by warming. If you do not take effective steps yet, you will face major disasters in the future.

Hundreds of protesters have already been arrested in London. Protesters say the rest are ready to be arrested They want the government to talk to them about quick demands. Otherwise, they could threaten the London City to be demolished.

They said the movement to continue the demand will continue. Many others will take part in it. The aim of building big movement So that the government is forced to listen to us. The responsibility of ensuring the security of life will be taken for itself.

Bangladesh is one of the world’s coastal offshore threats due to climate change. So they demanded to take immediate steps to protect the risky areas.

They said, Bangladesh may not exist because of climate change in the next ten years. We can not let it happen.

Another protester said, due to climate change, there may be many unwanted things in the future. Niman can be widespread like Bangladesh. We have gathered today in London to demand the necessary steps to increase the global warming.

The organizers of the movement exchanged Rebiyan. The protesters have occupied London’s busiest water, Lu Bridge, Mafia, Oxford and Parliament Square since Monday. In the first phase, the program will continue till April 29th.